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Hoh Law Corporation is Singapore’s leading community law practice. With offices located island-wide with a team of dedicated lawyers and staff providing affordable legal services to all.

Hoh Law Corporation started off at as M/s Hoh and Partners and have grown from a small practice in 1991 with one office into an established practice at 13 offices all over the island of Singapore with a reputation as being the leading law firm in personal injury and accident claims. We have been involved in many landmark decisions and reported cases. With each case, we strive to give the best outcome for our client. M/s Hoh Law Corporation was incorporated on 1st May 2003. Our incorporation date was specially chosen to coincide with Labour Day to commemorate our commitment to workers’ and employee’s legal rights and the whole community.

Here in Hoh Law Corporation, we provide a broad range of legal services. Coupled with a team of experienced lawyers, associates and support staff, we are dedicated to responding to your individual legal needs. We strive to ensure that more people may access quality legal services at an affordable range.


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As Singapore’s largest community law firm, HOH Law Corporation brings legal services to the masses and to the ordinary man on the street. With island-wide offices and a team of trained legal professionals, our mission is to combine our extensive experience with our resources to focus on the needs of our clients and commit ourselves in heart and mind to provide affordable and quality legal services to them.