Personal Injury Claims

Hoh Law Corporation is the leading legal practice in Personal Injury Claims. Personal Injury Claims are claims arising from incidents that cause bodily and/or psychiatric injury, but may also include other consequential losses. Common claims include future medical treatment and unpaid MC wages. These claims typically arise in situations such as:

  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Industrial / Workplace Accidents
  • General Compensation Claims

Compensation is often paid out by an insurance company or an agency that manages such claims. These companies have their own dedicated team of professionals to manage a claim and the compensation sum payable. However, they cannot provide you with legal advice and it is best that you seek independent professional advice. Such advice would give you information on the adequacy of the compensation offered, the benefits available and most importantly, the options that are available to you.

General Compensation Claim

Claims for personal injury are not always limited to road traffic, industrial or medical negligence claims. Personal injury may arise in other unfortunate circumstances. Over the years, we have engaged in numerous compensation claims base on special circumstances. For example, we have dealt with cases involving:

(a) Trip and fall/slip and fall scenarios
(b) Office mishaps
(c) Domestic abuse
(d) Lightning strike injuries
(e) Injuries from fallen tree branches

Why Choose Hoh Law Corporation ?

Hoh Law Corporation is a leading practice in personal injury claims with close to 30 years of experience and the support of over 100 staff.

Despite being an established community law practice, our client base is not restricted to local citizens as we have often acted for people from other nationalities. Our wide and varied clientele ranges from the mainland Chinese and Indian nationals to the expatriate community from Europe. No matter what your background is, we are here to assist you.

If you have sustained personal injuries from a work-related accident, a road traffic accident or any other unfortunate incidents or circumstances, feel free to approach us.

Generally, the amount legal fees payable is dependent on the claim’s complexity, and the amount of work and time involved. Successful claims in road traffic and industrial accident claims are substantively borne by the insurers. Legal fees for road traffic accident claims are also subject to the Public Trustee’s approval.

Legal costs may appear to be prohibitive and in distressful times, this may deter you from making a claim. However, Hoh Law Corporation firmly believes that legal fees should never stop you from seeking proper legal advice. It is important to seek sound, suitable and adequate legal advice as this would help you understand your rights and turn you to the right avenues for help and redress. We have acted for clients or those in financial difficulties, so feel free to contact us and we will be in touch with you very soon.


As Singapore’s largest community law firm, HOH Law Corporation brings legal services to the masses and to the ordinary man on the street. With island-wide offices and a team of trained legal professionals, our mission is to combine our extensive experience with our resources to focus on the needs of our clients and commit ourselves in heart and mind to provide affordable and quality legal services to them.