What Is A Breach Of Contract ?

A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties. Each party to a contract may make a promise to another or others to either perform or do certain acts, such as to supply certain goods or services or pay a certain amount. If one party fails to perform the contract as promised, and the other party has fulfilled his own duties under the contract, the innocent party is entitled to a legal claim. Our firm can assist you to enforce your rights under the agreement and have your dispute resolved or determined by the Court.

What Relief Can I Get ?

You may be entitled to rescission of the contract i.e. to treat the contract as if it had not existed and be put back to the position before the contract was made, or for specific performance i.e. an order to compel the defaulting party to carry out his part of the contract, or for an injunction to compulsorily prevent the defaulting party from carrying out some act to your detriment, or for an account of profits wrongfully earned and for payment of the same and/or to a claim for damages including aggravated damages.

What is my Time Limit for Filing a Breach of Contract Lawsuit ?

Singapore law provides for certain time limits, in the Limitation Act, in which a lawsuit must be filed within 6 years after a breach of contract subject to certain exceptional circumstances. If a party wants a remedy for a breach, and they do not file within this time limit, that party cannot file a lawsuit.

How To Avoid Disputes?

The best cure is prevention. The first rule is to have a properly written and drawn up contractual agreement or have a solicitor vet a contract prepared by the other party and negotiate for terms acceptable to you before signing it.

The legal cost you spend to have an agreement drawn up by a solicitor will pay off in the long run, and save you time and money. Worse case scenarios can be addressed in the contract and for what is to happen if one wishes to withdraw from the transaction. Disputes can also be avoided as the rights and responsibilities of each party and his entitlement can be spelt out clearly.


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