When you are involved in a dispute, our firm has the necessary experience and skills to assist you to evaluate the claim, whatever it may be, and advise you on the next steps that should be taken to have the matter resolved ultimately.

Disputes can arise in various situations:

  • Business Partner Disputes
  • Where a partner or Director who is running the business, you have invested, does not inform you about its affairs or does not provide you with satisfactory business accounts or you do not see eye to eye on management of the business.

  • Employer & Employee Disputes
  • You may be an employee and your salary is not paid in time or you may be an employer and find that your employee has been moonlighting or diverting clients or business to his own business or a business rival.

  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes
  • If you are a landlord and your tenant defaults on rental payments or turns your premises into a dormitory by subletting to others or if you are a tenant, and finds that the premises you have rented is not suitable for your occupation.

  • Defamation
  • Your reputation or that of your business takes a hit as a result of a defamatory posting on a blogpost or web forum or you receive a demand letter for some critical but honest remarks made of a service provider.

  • Nuisance & Trespass & Other Neighbour Disputes
  • Vibrations from construction works nearby or renovation works of a neighbor may have caused structural damage to your floors and walls or leakage to your roof.

  • Other Civil Disputes
  • The list is endless as disputes can arise between individuals, companies or organisations or with one another and over a broad spectrum of events.

Our law firm can assist you to identify the issues, to obtain the relevant evidence, and work with you on achieving the reliefs and remedies you require for such disputes.


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