A legal action may be commenced by Writ of Summons or Originating Summons. By far the most common form of commencing action especially for resolving a dispute is by way of Writ of Summons.

Writ of Summons [“Writ”]

The claimant in a legal action is called a Plaintiff. A Writ of Summons is issued by the High Court or the State Courts at the instance of a Plaintiff and is for the purpose of giving the person sued (“the Defendant”) notice of the claim against him. An indorsement of a claim or a Statement of Claim may be attached to a Writ.

Statement of Claim

An indorsement of a claim is only a brief summary of the Plaintiff’s claim. A Statement of Claim on the other hand, is a document that sets out all the facts, allegations and law on which the Plaintiff’s claim is based. However, a Statement of Claim need only set out all the facts, allegations and any legal provisions relied on briefly, without going into any details on the evidence or arguments supporting them.

How You Can Assist Us To Win Your Case

If you come to us well prepared, you will increase the chances of winning your case.
Some of the steps you can take include the following:-

  • Get Medical Help
  • Seek medical help for any personal injury suffered as soon as possible. Having a medical examination of your injuries promptly after the incident will make it easier to prove that it was caused by the Defendant and beat off any defence that it was caused by other factors.

  • Keep A Journal
  • Maintaining a journal or diary of events that happened leading up to the dispute will assist you. Our memories are short and writing it all down helps to keep it in the mind.

  • Get Witness Data
  • Collect names, contact numbers and addresses of all your witnesses so that we can contact them and get their statements as soon as possible.

  • Gather Evidence
  • Gather and preserve all documents such as contracts, bills and receipts or accounting documents that would be relevant for your case. Take photographs of any damage or injury, tape record conversations and preserve video footages of relevant events.

  • Preserve Computer/Digital Evidence
  • As soon as you suspect that relevant data may exist on a computer or digital device, make sure that the computer or device is isolated from further use or tampering, to enable us to get a computer forensic specialist to conduct an investigation and to extract relevant materials from it.

  • Update Your Contact Information
  • If you change your mobile phone number, your email or your address, keep us informed so that we can contact you easily for instructions or to update you on your case.


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