So pervasive is this branch of the law that the ordinary man in the street encounters it everyday in his daily life as its main component, the law of contract underpins many of our relationships with others. A contract may be made orally or in written form or be a hybrid i.e. part oral and part written.

What Makes A Good Contract

Amongst others, a good contract is one that uses the right legal terminology to protect your interests, and to enable you to enforce the contract if there is a breach by the other side. The contract should also contemplate and try to prevent any likely issues, contingencies or areas of dispute that may arise.

Oral Versus Written Contracts

Generally, both written and oral contracts are legally enforceable. It is always best, however, to have in writing the agreed terms of the contract in case there is some dispute between the parties subsequently. If the contract is oral, the parties to the contract may later remember different details about the contract terms or insist on their own version of the terms agreed, which will make it difficult to prove what were in fact the agreed terms between the parties.

Common Commercial Agreements

Commercial Agreements cover a wide range and include:

  • Agency Agreement
  • Agreement for Sale of Business or Business Assets
  • Agreement For Supply Of Goods/Services
  • Distributorship or Dealer Agreements
  • Ecommerce Contracts
  • Employment Agreement
  • Equipment Hire or Leasing Agreements
  • Franchise or Licence Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Standard Trading Terms and Conditions

How We Can Help You

  • Negotiate business and corporate contracts
  • Vet commercial and corporate contracts
  • Provide advice on commercial and corporate law matters
  • Draft contracts to prevent or resolve any disputes
  • Represent you in Court to advocate your claims


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