What Is Family Law ?

Family law consists of a body of statutes and case precedents that govern the legal responsibilities between individuals who share a domestic connection. These cases usually involve parties who are related by blood or marriage, but family law can affect those in more distant or casual relationships as well.

Due to the emotionally-charged nature of most family law cases, litigants are strongly advised to retain legal counsel.

The end of a relationship or marriage is a difficult time. Our experience has shown us that avoiding a litigation process is generally the best way forward.This will most likely save you time, money and help achieve a better outcome.

Our team of experienced family lawyers can give you comprehensive advice about your legal rights, entitlements and obligations, and the different options available to settle any matters in which you and your partner may disagree. Such matters include:

  • Parental rights & obligations
  • Collaborative Family Practice
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Judicial separation
  • Nullity
  • Deed of separation
  • Separation of assets
  • Domestic violence

 Benefits of working with Hoh Law Corporation

As the largest family law firm by volume in Singapore today, we have both the experience and the ability to handle cases just like yours. We will position our expertise to enable the most favourable outcomes for all parties concerned by :

  • Assessing your case thoroughly by looking beyond the emotional entanglements
  • Advise you on what needs to be done immediately and what you need to do to get these done
  • Appoint medical professionals if someone is injured
  • Prepare you for court appearances by running you through the process and guiding you each step of the way
  • Try to conclude everything quickly and smoothly as we are acutely aware that emotions are at play on both sides


As Singapore’s largest community law firm, HOH Law Corporation brings legal services to the masses and to the ordinary man on the street. With island-wide offices and a team of trained legal professionals, our mission is to combine our extensive experience with our resources to focus on the needs of our clients and commit ourselves in heart and mind to provide affordable and quality legal services to them.