What Is Medical Negligence?

One of the greatest fears of seeking medical intervention is the possibility that the treatment, far from improving the condition, makes matters worse for the patient. When something goes unexpectedly wrong in the medical context, this may lay claim to an action in tort if medical negligence can be identified. The basis of such an action lies in the general civil law of negligence, designed to provide compensation for any individual injured by another’s negligence.

A legal proceeding against the negligent medical practitioner or institution not only benefits the unfortunate patient but may in fact improve societal conditions in general. Such functions of the tort include:

  1. Ensuring that the patient who has suffered as a result of medical negligence receives compensation for his losses;
  2. Holding the medical professional accountable for their negligence; and
  3. Serving a public statement of the wrong doing so that such mistakes can be avoided and deterred in the future.

If you believe you have a case against a doctor / medical institution, please do not hesitate to contact us as early as possible to discuss your options.

Please do not hesitate to seek legal advice even if you have lodged a complaint with the Singapore Medical Council (“SMC”). It may be too late to commence a civil claim if you choose to wait for the SMC investigative report to be released before seeking legal advice, as there is a limitation period for all negligence cases.

How Will Claiming For Medical Negligence Help you?

A medical negligence claim is intended to reimburse a patient for losses. The amount calculated is based on the damage or loss suffered. The aim of the compensation is to restore the claimant back to the position he was in before the negligent act of the doctor or hospital was committed.

Compensation payable to you may include:

  • Pre-trial medical and transport expenses
  • Pre-trial loss of earnings’ / loss of income
  • Caretaker’s loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of amenities / loss of enjoyment of life
  • Future medical treatment expenses
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Loss of earning capacity

Benefits Of Working With Hoh Law Corporation

With close to 30 years of experience handling claims just like yours, Hoh Law Corporation is well positioned to :

  • Advise you on the evidence required to make your case and the process of getting it
  • Appoint medical professionals to provide professional opinions and fill in any “missing” information that may support your case
  • Prepare you for court appearances by running you through the process and guiding you each step of the way
  • Dispute any potential decisions based on our case handling history
  • Determine if your case has been correctly assessed and maximise your entitlement



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